Product and Services available for 100% TPR:

All Frequency-therapies for 100% TRP:

Quantumfield  Treatment with TimeWaver Technology – for all kind of body, mind, health, relationship  and business issues

MultiWave Oszillation – to build up the frequency of the cells in the body

Rife-Frequencies – to treat certain issues like infections, allergies, detox, or treatment of certain organs (eyes, ears, kidneys, liver, lungs etc.)

Purchasing Guidelines :

20 treatments per month and up to 20 clients per month

Where We Operate :

Marienwerderstrasse 22, 16244 Schorfheide

About Our Business :

Our goal is to help people to be holistically healthy and free inside. We understand optimal well-being as a vital, fulfilled attitude to life, balance and health on all levels. Body, mind and soul may be united in harmony with one another.

How to Get In Touch:

Contact us at our website


If no response within 3 business days. Please contact me again.

* Please note: If no response after 2 attempts please report an account to Our team will address as we welcome all feedback to keep the integrity of The Peoples Reserve and our community.

1 Review for Energetics Heilpraxis

1 Reviews

Excellent service and super exciting frequency-therapy!

5/ 5

Super cosy place with a great atmosphere. The service is amazing and friendly. I came with my girlfriend and 2 year old daughter, and our little girl could play in a children / waiting area with toys and other things to make you feel at home and at ease. This was my first time having a professional frequency treatment like this at all, and both me and my girlfriend had a session with the MultiWave oscillation machine and the Rife-Frequencies, as well as getting scanned for the vastly fascinating Quantumfield treatment using TimeWaver technology. My experience with the the first two machines was really something! I have had all kinds of traditional healings and different energy therapies with great facilitators throughout the years, but this was special. I had the MultiWave oscillation combined with a specific program for the Rife-Frequencies, which works with inflammation. The 20 minute experience itself starts off with the MultiWave oscillation being started and making “electrical” noise if you will, which at first might seem annoying and a tad loud, but I quickly settled with it and it was not an annoyance at all. You are seated between two “wheels” if you will, one on your right and one on your left. They consist of among other things copper and brass from what I could make out, through which the MultiWave oscillation works. From the front another machine is at the same time subjecting you to the Rife-Frequencies, and in my case the inflammation program. During the experience I focused on my breathing and very easily came into a meditative state, where I could essentially feel and observe the frequencies interacting in my body. I won’t delve into everything that went on in my head during that state, however I had a great experience and felt clear, light, and pleasantly energized. “You are shining!” the others said when I came down the stairs afterwards. The week following this treatment, I have felt lasting and continuing healing in my body. I have since many years worked with a strong inflammation in my body after having had a cyst underneath a tooth that leaked out bacterial fluid into my system for longer than I would’ve preferred, and a lot of that is still seated around my jaws, neck, throat and shoulders. Especially the first following days, I had recurring cold shivers and tingles in my neck inflammation, typical to when I have energy release in general, and during these days my neck and the rest of the inflamed area has for sure become better and I also feel other parts of my body balancing and correcting itself subtly. My overall energy feels higher and more vibrant and I am already looking forward to having more sessions to further see what impact this will have on my health, We also got scanned for Quantumfield treatment using TimeWaver technology, and we got a brief insight into some of all the amazing things this machine can read about you and do. We will have a deeper analysis for this the next time we come to visit – because we are for sure coming back for more! Highly recommended <3 Daniel Höglin

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