Product and Services available for 100% TPR:

Health Consultations:

Nutritional Therapy and Women’s Health Consultations – 2 hrs $300.00 TPR


  1. 15 min free “Get to know your health concerns” Conversation
  2. Receive necessary forms to fill out, scan and return
  3. Call to book appointment time and online venue

 CBD Consultation – 30-45 min $100.00 TPR


  1. Short “get to know you” conversation – free
  2. Receive necessary forms to fill out, scan and return
  3. Call to book appointment time and online venue

 Nutritional Deficiency Assessment allow 2 weeks for results $400.00 TPR

Procedure: Necessity may be determined after free 15 minute conversation to explain procedure.

Purchasing Guidelines :

Nutritional Therapy, Women’s Health Consultations, CBD Consultations – No limits
Nutritional Deficiency Assessments – 2 customers monthly

Where We Operate :

Local / zoom – 43 Zeil Street Alice Springs NT 0870

About Our Business :

Here at Shop for a Good Life, we can help you determine what your diet is missing, and help you fill in those gaps. While nothing takes the place of eating a healthy diet full of whole foods, vitamins and minerals, soil depletion has led to some natural foods not containing the level of nutrients they did in previous generations. You may need to supplement to correct any nutritional deficiencies to prevent illnesses and feel your very best.

Good Water is key to optimal health.

CBD Oil Consultations – We are trained in CBD Oil consultations and can direct you to proper dosages, advise you of any contraindications with your current medications and where to obtain quality cannabidiol.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are all around us via wifi, microwaves, computers, mobiles, smart meters, smart TV’s, just to mention a few. More frequently, they have become a subject of concern for our health, especially with the upcoming introduction of 5G network. Some have reported a hypersensitivity to the EMF’s with such symptoms as sleep disorders, headaches, memory difficulties, ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and anxiety. 

As a Women’s Health Practitioner, we can guide you to some answers to your imbalances and help to balance your hormones with nutrition and supplementation.

Need more information? Just give us a call.

How to Get In Touch:

M-F 10-4:00 Darwin Time


* If no response within 3 business days. Please contact me again.

* Please note: If no response after 2 attempts please report an account to Our team will address as we welcome all feedback to keep the integrity of The Peoples Reserve and our community.

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